Couples Counseling Questions

What Can I Expect From My Counselor

Your couple’s counselor will work to establish a comfortable, relaxed environment that will help the counselor and clients work together.

What Are The Goals Of Couples Counseling

Each couple has unique needs; however some of the most common goals in the therapeutic process consist of improving communication skills, re-establishing emotional intimacy, and finding a process clients can use to resolve difficult issues.

How Does It Differ From Individual Counseling

Aside from the obvious differences, couple’s counseling focuses on the relationship of the couple, rather than the individual person.

Will My Relationship Get Better In Couples Counseling

The most important factor that will determine whether a relationship will improve is the commitment and attitude of each individual partner. The counselor will provide the couple with important techniques that if used and applied, will positively improve the interaction of the couple.

Couples Counseling

What If I Am Unsure If I Want To Remain In This Relationship

Many people have ambivalent feelings about their relationship because of past emotional pain they have experienced with their partner. Sometimes, with the help of the counselor and a willingness to work, these negative feelings can make your relationship stronger or help transition to a healthy post marriage relationship.