Teresa Arana-Wood

Copper Creek Counseling Teresa Arana-Wood

Therapist - LCSW, LMFT, Owner/Manager

Teresa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has been practicing in the Treasure Valley for over 22 years.  Since graduating with a Master’s degree of Social Work, Teresa has focused her continued education in the areas of couples work, anxiety and stress disorders, as well as crisis intervention, trauma treatment, and grief therapy.  She has worked as a clinical social worker in a variety of professional settings including schools, medical clinics, and private practice.

In addition to individual counseling, Teresa has an extensive experience in group counseling, family counseling, group training, and consulting.  When Teresa was an employee of the Boise School District, she trained teachers, certified staff, and administrative personnel in the Mandt Program (de-escalating escalated people), communication techniques and staff team building, as well as mediation skills for conflict resolution

Counseling Practice:

Teresa works with adults, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families.  She has a practice that covers a wide range of mental health related issues.  Teresa has additional training and experience in the following areas: 

  • Couples/marriage counseling, this includes working with the couple on repairing breaks or gaps in intimacy and positively restructuring communication between the couple.  
  • Anxiety/ stress disorders, and panic attacks.  This work focuses on teaching relaxation techniques and self-soothing skills that will help lessen the negative impact of anxious or obsessive thinking.
  • PTSD, abuse and trauma recovery.  Working with the individual to both repair the emotional scares left by abuse while teaching positive present day coping skills.  
  • Depression and mood disorders.  Using positive psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy as an intervention with clients to move towards positive emotional health. 
  • Grief and loss.  Working as an ally and guild through the painful process of emotional recovery after a devastating loss.  
  • Self empowerment, especially through life transitions that are not our choice.


Teresa is an experienced public speaker, trainer, and consultant.  She has done training for schools, medical settings, private corporations, and other public entities.  Teresa has spoken on subjects from parenting, stress management, communication skills, conflict resolution, improvement of work-place atmosphere, team building, life changes, etc.  Please call Teresa to schedule trainings or public speaking engagements.