TeleTherapy Appointments


Attend Your Online Sessions Here

If you have an audio/visual appointment scheduled with your therapist, you can access their Telemedicine pages here. Simply select your therapist's name and it will take you to their online office. Once you are directed there, you will be asked to "Check In" by inputting your first name - this will notify your therapist that you are ready for your session.

You will find that either your smartphone, tablet or computer will allow you to access the link so feel free to find a location that is comfortable and confidential for you. 

You will need to give your consent for a Telemedicine appointment before your session begins. There are three ways you can do this:

1. Download the informed consent form and email the signed document to our Office Manager at

2. Create a Client Portal account and e-sign the consent form (please contact our office manager if you would like access to the client portal)

3. Give your verbal consent with your therapist at the beginning of your session. If you do this, please read the informed consent before your appointment

To attend your online video session, select your therapist's name from the list below:

Need Help?

If you have any questions regarding your telehealth session, please contact us.

Our office is currently closed in order to reduce the risk of spreading/contracting COVID-19, but our office manager remains fully operational. Please contact her with any questions.